Samsara II

SamsaraII058 cc.jpg
SamsaraII058 cc.jpg

Samsara II

from 28.00

Lithograph printed on acid free paper

Limited Edition of 375

Signed, numbered and titled by A.N. Sherman

includes the story behind the work

10.5 x 13 inches (print is trimmed for square mat)

Mat fits in a 14 x 14 ready-made frame. Print will arrive hinged in a
9.75 x 9.375 window (2.12 x 2.31 of white mat board showing). The mat is ph neutral and frame ready.

matted/ unmatted:
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Samsara II

Samsara refers to the cycle of birth and rebirth in Buddhism and Hinduism, both of which I studied as an undergraduate. I loved the idea that not everything had to be thought of as linear, that it was possible there were things with neither a beginning nor an end. 

Samsara II, a blue morning glory, is one of hundreds of flowers my mother grows every year on a trellis on the side of her house. I love to watch morning glories, as they are a flower that will transform before your eyes. As the sun fades each day the blossoms die, yet seem to be reborn with the sun the following day. The tightly twirled and furled buds have such gorgeous lines to follow with one’s eyes! This piece is also an homage to one of my favorite decorative art periods: Art Nouveau.