My Feet Don't Hardly Touch the Ground

My Feet Dont Hardly Touch the Ground 72.jpg
My Feet Dont Hardly Touch the Ground 72.jpg
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My Feet Don't Hardly Touch the Ground


Watercolor on Yupo, Wayfarer series, (original painting) Unframed
7 x 5 in / 18 x 13 cm

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The Wayfarer Series  - Watercolor paintings on Yupo

In this series I employ positive and negative space and the position of the figure to create an emotional landscape. The Wayfarer reacts to and makes her way through lands of dark and light, fullness and emptiness, lightness and heaviness, smoothness and roughness, being either pushed or pulled in an unpredictable environment.

The technical aspects of these works also act in part as their subject. The plastic paper resists water, allowing for a degree of manipulation of the surface with tools, water, and gravity. Time and temperature also play an important and unreliable role. The watercolor pigment separates when left to dry on the impermeable paper and settles in semi-predictable patterns, thus rendering the painting in a state of controlled chaos while the paint remains wet. I work each piece repeatedly with additive and subtractive methods to shape and place the pigment on the surface to achieve the desired textures and tones.

The watercolor I use is composed from vine charcoal, which is one of the oldest pigments available to man, dating back to when we dwelled and painted in caves. The combination of this ancient pigment with modern synthetic paper is symbolic of how even today we share the most basic human struggles with our prehistoric ancestors. We in the age of plastic still face an unpredictable and uncertain world.